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Blogs – “Roots” Package – Monthly – $200

$0.00 / month

# Of Articles Per Month:


Type: SEO + Personality Blog

Length: 800 – 1,500 words 

Written from the perspective of a company insider, “Roots” blogs include all the SEO elements of “Seed” blogs, while also getting to know and express the personality of your business, services, and/or brand a little bit deeper. 

“Roots” articles include content related directly to your city, its neighborhoods, and how your business and/or services impact or fit into their surroundings. The goal here is to provide real value and make a deeper connection between the reader and the content they are reading. 

These articles take a longer time to research and write due to the nature of their topics. 

“Roots” blogs:

  • Typically 5 to 10 parts in length
  • Includes external and internal links
  • Often used as part of an email or paid marketing campaign